Protection from Black Magic and Voodoo

For Protection from Black Magic and Voodoo you will need a really powerful spell, and probably not just one spell but a few – like a good protection spell and a specific spell that fights the kind of hex, or curse that has been place on you. Voodoo magic, while using the same powerful energies as other kinds of witchcraft, is different in the way it is performed and the rituals that are used. Voodoo magic is only done by a few witches or sorcerers in South Africa – many claim that they practise black magic, but in fact they are not really using true black magic. To harness the power of black magic you need to be very powerful. Witches and witchdoctors will offer protection from black magic, protection from voodoo, a powerful protection spell, spells that make someone love you, spells to harm others and any kind of spell for any kind of problem.

It is often asked which is the most powerful form of magic and which spells are the most effective – it is not the kind of magic that makes it more powerful but rather the wizard or witch that is doing the magic or casting the spell. Many often ask if a Christian priest is able to ward off black magic – while the church has methods in dealing with such practises, and with people who have been possessed, or have had a hex or curse place on them – I do not think that your average priest or pastor has any power against them – the claim is that they have God on their side – well that may be, but is God really concerned with the day to day petty nonsense of mankind – the church says He is – but I cannot see God being worried about your desire to have a love spell put on another – in fact He would be, in my opinion, totally against ant form of manipulating another’s free will. While the church does not allow any form of witchcraft, it practised by many so called Christians around the world – it has even been said that the church itself is merely another form of occult, and uses occult practises to further it’s aims and goals. Many will probably send me a stream of hate mail for saying that – and many are not guilty of any such practises – but in saying that there are those that do, and who use religion, God, and the pathetic nature of human guilt and pain to reap reward - and they do this in the name of the church.

Many African, and other cultures, use a combination of witchcraft and religion in their day to day lives. The lines between the two are blurred and often conflicting – this does not stop a modern African from professing to be a Christian, while at the same time practising Traditional African beliefs – which are in stark opposition to Christian beliefs. The church – Catholic, protestant amongst others seem to turn a blind eye to this. They will out right criticise and condemn practises such as homosexuality, whilst ignoring the fact that many of their flock regularly consult a sangoma and make sacrifices to the ancestors. They know full well that to speak to loudly against African traditional ways would lose them a large portion of followers, and in turn a substantial amount of money. And many churches are about just that – MONEY.

Protection from Black Magic and Voodoo is not an easy thing – try your church, try a sangoma – or find a black magic practitioner – some one who know how to cast a voodoo spell, and also knows how to break a spell that harms. Spells to protect against this kind of sorcery are not easy to find – although you will find many witchdoctors or sangomas who are willing to take your money, as always supply and demand create opportunities for charlatans and the magic business is no different. South Africa has a plethora of magical people, or so it seems. You will find Wiccan spell casters, black magic spell makers, Sangomas who will help with curses and hexes – and psychic healers who are happy to delve into your past and future – all for fee, and all relatively expensive. Walking the streets of Johannesburg or Cape Town, you will find muti in abundance – herbalists who will sort out you love life, and rune and tarrot readers who will claim to be able to change your life and bring you happiness, money and love. You will find protection from black magic, protection from Voodoo, protection spell, spells that harm, spells to heal , spell for love …. You decide!

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Revenge spells Africa

What is a revenge spell? – Are you looking for a revenge spell? – this is a very powerful spell, if correctly made by a powerful witch, that will help you to get back at someone that has hurt you, or someone that has taken what is yours. Revenge spells are used by business men and jilted lovers.

When using a revenge spell make sure that your revenge is properly placed – using a spell like this, when the revenge is uncalled for, is dangerous. If you lover has left you because you are not a good partner, using a revenge spell will come back at you – because you are the one who caused the problem first. If, in business, you put a revenge curse on your ex business partner, but you were the one who first cheated him – the spell will revert back to you. A witchdoctor may say different, because he wants your money – but the spirits work in this way. They know everything, and the harm must go to the one who has harmed. African witches and witch doctors who profess to be healers in Africa will not easily make a spell like this for you. Witch doctor Africa and South African witch doctors may use strong muti to make a potion or spell – but if they are not pure, or working with good spirits, you may end up suffering. Think carefully about using this kind of sorcery, it usually entails the help of umthakathi – and that means trouble. A sangoma in South Africa will probably not help you with this, knowing that the problems are usually brought on by other factors – and a traditional healer works only with white magic or good ancestral spirits.

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